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Total Investment Range - $44,000-$114,800

Ongoing Fees – Royalty 6% down to 5.0% Marketing 1% Technology 1%

Average time to start business – 60 days


Lastime Exteriors

Premiere Home Exterior Renovation Franchise

So what happens when a contractor embraces innovation?  What happens when a contractor actually focuses on the consumers' best interests?  Well, Lastime Exteriors is born!  Nearly all products that are pervasively used today were also used 50 years ago, yet in the same 50 years we've seen amazing advancements in technology, right here in our industry.  Roofing materials, like our specialty stone coated steel, are disrupting an industry stuck in the mud and creating huge returns for those that choose to specialize.  For 20 years, Lastime Exteriors has been a local and regional leader in all things premium exterior products, specializing in the installation of Stone Coated Steel roofing materials.  This has allowed Lastime to differentiate, carving out its own niche market targeting high end residential and commercial customers.  It has allowed Lastime to build a highly profitable local business built on innovation, brand, quality, and profitability- but in the true sense of those words. 


And now, Lastime Exteriors is expanding its story and is seeking entrepreneurs like you who desire financial independence, the freedom to manage your own schedule and control your own destiny, and an opportunity to startup a new business with the help of trained professionals to create the lifestyle you have always wanted. 

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