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Cost to launch - $26,500 - $38,000

Ongoing Fees – Royalty 6% of gross sales


Steel Coated Floors

Residential and commercial epoxy floors

At Steel Coated Floors we’re serious about strength. Unlike some of those other mamsy pamsy cake eater flooring companies, we take your floors through a 40 step process!  The finished product is a floor that will hold up no matter how many bear traps (or bears) you drag over it. It’s why we give you a lifetime guarantee and a trophy rewarding you for your manhood.

With a Steel Coated Floors franchise, you will be the saving grace of garage floors (and men) everywhere. Send us your information below and we can discuss opening a Steel Coated Floors franchise in your area. Whether you already operate a company and want to add Steel Coated Floors to your offerings, or if you are just looking for a change in career and want to own your own business, Steel Coated Floors is for you!

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